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The Semantic Web Challenge 2014 has received 15 submissions. All submissions will be presented at the ISWC poster session on Tuesday.

The finalists will present from 14:20 - 15:20 and 15:40 - 17:00 on Wednesday at Room: Sala 1000A (see also ISWC 2014 Program).

  1. Diego Reforgiato Recupero, Andrea Nuzzolese, Sergio Consoli, Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti.
    SHELDON: Semantic Holistic framEwork for LinkeD ONtology data
  2. Pablo Mendes, Chris Kau, Alfredo Alba, Steve Welch, Daniel Gruhl, Neal Lewis and Clemens Drews.
    You ain't from around here, are you? Message authoring guidance in social media
  3. Ikuya Yamada, Tomotaka Ito, Shinnosuke Usami, Shinsuke Takagi, Tomoya Toyoda, Hideaki Takeda and Yoshiyasu Takefuji.
    Linkify: Enhanced Reading Experience by Augmenting Text Using Linked Open Data
  4. Karima Rafes, Julien Nauroy and Cécile Germain.
    TFT, Tests For Triplestores
  5. Yuzhong Qu, Saisai Gong, Gong Cheng, Jiang Xu, Xiangqian Li, Liang Zheng and Jidong Jiang.
    SView: Smart Views for Browsing Linked Entities
  6. Petar Ristoski, Christian Bizer and Heiko Paulheim.
    Mining the Web of Linked Data with RapidMiner
  7. Shruthi Chari, Shrinidhi Ramakrishnan and Kavi Mahesh.
    LODMedics: Bringing Semantic Data to the Common Man
  8. Danh Le Phuoc, Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc, Hung Ngo Quoc, Tuan Tran Nhat and Manfred Hauswirth.
    Enabling Live Exploration on The Graph of Things
  9. Sounak Dey, Dibyanshu Jaiswal, Ranjan Dasgupta and Abhishek Mishra.
    An SSN based tool for semantic exploration of sensor
  10. Aisha Naseer, Terunobu Kume, Tetsuya Izu and Nobuyuki Igata.
    LOD for All: Unlocking Infinite Opportunities
  11. Oliver Lehmberg, Dominique Ritze, Petar Ristoski, Kai Eckert, Heiko Paulheim and Christian Bizer.
    Extending Tables with Data from over a Million Websites (Big Data Track)
  12. Victor de Boer, Johan Oomen, Oana Inel, Lora Aroyo, Elco van Staveren, Werner Helmich and Dennis de Beurs.
    DIVE into the Event-Based Browsing of Linked Historical Media
  13. Jeff Z. Pan and Honghan Wu.
    MINI-LD: Minimalist Consumption over Linked Data
  14. Nitish Aggarwal, Kartik Asooja, Paul Buitelaar and Gabriela Vulcu.
    Is Brad Pitt Related to Backstreet Boys? Exploring Related Entities
  15. Zheng Wu and Siqi Wu.
    An Object Oriented Knowledge Management Platform