Workshop on Meta-modelling and Ontologies

WoMM 2006        2nd International WoMM Workshop

October 12-13, 2006         Karlsruhe, Germany

In cooperation with GI SIG MoBIS, GI SIG KM, KnowledgeWeb, Graduate School IME, Sekt and MetaCase.

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Meta-modelling is the activity of designing languages through precise definitions of constructs and rules needed. The result of such an activity are meta-models. Ontologies are shared conceptualisations of domains of interest. A frequently used description of the relationship among meta-models and ontologies is that a valid meta-model is an ontology, but not all ontologies are modeled explicitly as meta-models. However, currently the communities of meta-modelling and ontologies only have few overlaps and the exact relationship has still to be worked out in more detail.

A particular use case for combination of both is to use meta-modelling for defining mappings between different ontologies expressed in the same language or even between different ontology languages. The problem of mapping different ontology languages is essential for the success of the Semantic Web: one of the key advantages of ontologies is to provide interoperability among heterogeneous data sources and applications, each using potentially different ontologies and ontology languages.

The second Workshop on Meta-modelling and Ontologies (WoMM'06) aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from the field of meta-modelling as well as ontologies.