Workshop on Meta-modelling and Ontologies

WoMM 2006        2nd International WoMM Workshop

October 12-13, 2006         Karlsruhe, Germany

In cooperation with GI SIG MoBIS, GI SIG KM, KnowledgeWeb, Graduate School IME, Sekt and MetaCase.

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Topics of Interest

This workshop shall bring together researchers and practitioners who work on Meta-Modelling and/or Ontologies. It shall further the cross-fertilization between application areas and aid the technology transfer from foundational research into practice. The workshop shall cover diverse application areas of Meta-Modelling and Ontologies, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • meta-modelling languages and frameworks
  • evaluation of meta-modelling languages
  • meta-modelling patterns
  • special purpose modelling languages
  • ontological support for meta-modelling
  • meta-modelling for ontologies
  • meta-modelling using ontologies
  • architectures and concepts of meta-modelling tools
  • requirements for meta modelling languages and tools
  • case studies and applications of meta-modelling