Collaborative Knowledge Construction

- The Challenge -

for the CKC2007 workshop at the WWW2007

April 16-30, 2007


Final Results

The most active challenge participant:

Domenico Gendarmi (domenico79), Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at University of Bari, Italy


Alireza Tajary (jboy701), student in Computer Engineering in Amirkabir University, Iran

Winner of the prize for the most insightful feedback:

Meredith Taylor (Zoid), Computer Science Honours student, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Congratulations to the winners!

Registered for the challenge: 49

Top 10 most active users

User name Total
domenico79 2685
jboy701 2118
Zoid 652
correndo 450
meisam 379
schmitz 303
somayehaut 180
thristo 154
Sonic 134
korrani 127

Note: These results are a measure of user activity. We have normalized the results from all the tools to have a more precise measure. There is a bonus factor for users who try out different tools. For example, 10 operations in each of 6 different tools is valued more than 60 operations in a single tool.