EON2002 Program Startpage Experiment

Date: 30th September 2002
Place: to be announced

09:00h Welcome and Introduction
York Sure and Jürgen Angele
09:20h [Presentation] [PDF] "Evaluating Ontology-Mapping Tools: Requirements and Experience"
Natalya F. Noy and Mark A. Musen
09:45h [Presentation] [PDF] "Using Protégé-2000 in Reuse Processes"
H. Sofia Pinto, Duarte Nuno Peralta, and Nuno J. Mamede
10:10h [Presentation] [PDF] "Integrating Ontology Storage and Ontology-based Applications Through Client-side Query and Transformations"
Peter Mika
10:35h [Presentation] [PDF] "The Integration of OntoClean in WebODE"
Mariano Fernández-López and Asunción Gómez-Pérez
11:00h Coffee break
11:30h [Presentation] [PDF] "Ontology Evolution within Ontology Editors"
Ljiliana Stojanovic and Boris Motik
11:55h [Presentation] [PDF] "Assessment of Ontology-based Tools: Systemizing the Scenario Approach"
Alain Giboin, Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby, and Rose Dieng
(no author present) [PDF] "OntoManager: A Workbench Environment to facilitate Ontology Management and Interoperability" (short paper)
Adil Hameed, Derek Sleeman, and Alun Preece
12:20h Statements from contributors to the OntoWeb SIG 3 experiment on evaluation of Ontology Engineering Environments ~10-15 min per statement (depending on number of attending contributors)
13:30h Lunch break
15:00h Discussion about the OntoWeb SIG 3 experiment
16:30h Coffee break
17:00h Wrap up and final discussion
18:00h End of workshop
19:30h Evaluation of the local wine domain ...