EON2002 Experiment Startpage Program

The "EON2002 Experiment on Evaluation of Ontology Engineering Environments" was initiated during the OntWeb3 meeting by the participants of the Special Interest Group on Tools (SIG3). The general question was how to evaluate ontology related technologies. To brake down this rather complex task into a pragmatic one the group decided to focus on ontology engineering environments (OEE) as a starting point. These tools are rather common and widely used by the Semantic Web Community and some of the participating members were even tool provider themselves.

Submissions to this experiment should answer the following items with respect to the used OEE:

  • What modeling decisions need to be considered during the design?
  • What limitations occure? ... and why?
  • What problems arise due to using different representation languages for export?
  • What are the lessons learned from modelling this experiment?
The ontology should be exported into a common representation language. However, most OEEs were designed having specific design rationals from representation formalisms in maind. Therefore they typically have a strong support for their "home language". To make the results more comparable we encouraged people to provide not only an "home language" export, but also an RDF(S) export.

Below you will find all submissions to the experiment. We provide (i) names of used tools, (ii) names and affiliations of authors, (iii) zip-files containing (a) documents that describe the modelling process and (b) exported ontologies and (iv) mail-addresses of authors.

We thank all participants for their efforts and are looking forward to having fruitful discussions at the workshop!

Jürgen Angele and York Sure

Domain NL description of the domain for the experiment
Loom Aldo Gangemi, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, C.N.R.
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
OilEd Sean Bechhofer, University of Manchester
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
OntoEdit York Sure, University of Karlsruhe
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
OpenKnoME Jeremy Rogers, Manchester University
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
Protege Natasha F. Noy, Stanford University
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
SemTalk Christian Fillies, Semtation
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
Terminae Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, Universite P. Sabatier
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
WebODE Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]
.. Additional Contributions (after deadline)
KAON Ljiljana Stojanovic, FZI Research Center Karlsruhe, Germany
[Results as ZIP] [Mail to author]