Attention. The KAON2 OWL tools have not been maintained for a while. People still regularly ask for it, that is why we put this website back up. You can download here a package with the last version, the source code, and the last development snapshot, so you should be able to use tools like dlpconvert and others out of the box, and even extend them as you like. Have fun!

The links down there are probably all broken by now. Also, you may want to know that Pellet and HermiT both have command line usable features, too. Check them out!

Version 0.27

The KAON2 OWL tools are a set of tools for working on OWL files, exposing some abilities of the KAON2 ontology infrastructure to the command line.

Download from Ontoware (source available as well) (down)

Just unpack the files in a directory (best within your path, and have the Jars within your classpath or else change the bat-file accordingly) and enter owl help to get more information on how to use the individual tools.

At the same time it is also an example of how to code with KAON2 and how to realize some tasks. You may grab the source code from Ontoware (down) as well. Though, be reminded, it is not polished, it does not contain too many comments and all that.

List of available tools


Feedback is strongly welcomed! This is just a very early beta, and there are probably tons of errors inside. Report bugs and problems, please (but money and thank-you-emails are appreciated as well). Write me at denny.vrandecic@kit.edu.

Some planned tools

The implementation of the planned tools will come with my time and needs. If you have any further ideas - I have a list of a dozen ideas, but I don't want to promise too much - just drop me a line at denny.vrandecic@kit.edu.


Depends on KAON2 written by Boris Motik and Java 5 by Sun.

Version History

September 15, 2010: Reinstated website, put up maintenance warning
June 7, 2006: Version 0.27, new KAON2 version, improved latex, syntax replaces and extends owlrdf2owlxml and owlxml2owlrdf, luna, added RuleML export to dlp
November 22, 2005: Version 0.26, new KAON2 version, latex (beta), shell enhanced (still beta), dlpconvert IC-handling
October 16, 2005: Version 0.23, new KAON2 version, API built, populate, screech added, first version of shell
July 6, 2005: Version 0.22, new KAON2 version, some bugs removed
April 5, 2005: Version 0.19, satisfiable and merge added
March 31, 2005: Version 0.16, diff, deo, ded added, included a sample ontology (wine, what else?)
March 24, 2005: Version 0.12, filter added
March 22, 2005: Version 0.1, initial release, containing dump, count, r2x, x2r and dlpconvert.

Copyright and author

© 2005-2006, AIFB, University of Karlsruhe
compiled and maintained by Denny Vrandecic
contact: denny.vrandecic@kit.edu
inlcuding code written by Boris Motik, Max Völkel, Markus Krötzsch, Peter Haase and Denny Vrandecic