Welcome to Linked CrunchBase!

A Linked Data server for CrunchBase, a database about technology companies anybody can edit.

Check out our page with some example queries on the Crunchbase dump.

Currently, this service maps every request to Crunchbase. Some mappings of Organizations to DBpedia are available. The mapping can be found here.


To use the service, you have to auth to Crunchbase. To do so, enter your api key here (put the key in the username field and keep the password field empty). If you are not authenticated, we redirect the request to a SPARQL-Server and return some of our crawled data.

Online Examples

Step by Step Example

First we get the JSON from Cruchbase. We transform it into JSON-LD and finally convert that into RDF.
  1. JSON
  2. JSON-LD
  3. RDF/N-Triples


Please take note of the CrunchBase Terms of Service, the content is provided under the Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License [CC-BY-NC]

The source-code is available at Github.


initial release

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