EON2003 Program Startpage Experiment

Date: 20th October 2003

09:30h [Slides] Welcome and Introduction
York Sure and Oscar Corcho
Ontology Evaluations
10:00h [PDF] [Slides] "Towards a benchmark for Semantic Web reasoners - an analysis of the DAML ontology library"
Christoph Tempich and Raphael Volz
10:30h [PDF] [Slides] "Results of Taxonomic Evaluation of RDF(S) and DAML+OIL ontologies using RDF(S) and DAML+OIL Validation Tools and Ontology Platforms import services"
M. Carmen Suarez-Figueroa and Asuncion Gomez-Perez
11:00h - 11:30h Coffee break
Ontology Tools (Part I)
11:30h [PDF] [Slides] "Racer: A Core Inference Engine for the Semantic Web"
Volker Haarslev and Ralf Möller
12:00h [PDF] [Talk was not given] "DL-workbench: a metamodeling approach to ontology manipulation"
Mikhail Kazakov and Habib Abdulrab
12:30h [PDF] [Slides] "OntoTrack: Fast Browsing and Easy Editing of Large Ontologies"
Thorsten Liebig and Olaf Noppens
13:00h - 14:00h Lunch on the pool deck
Ontology Tools (Part II)
14:00h [PDF] [Slides] "TooCoM : a Tool to Operationalize an Ontology with the Conceptual Graph Model"
Frederic Fürst, Michel Leclere, and Francky Trichet
14:30h [PDF] [Slides] "A domain ontology engineering tool with general ontologies and text corpus"
Naoki Sugiura, Masaki Kurematsu, Naoki Fukuta, Noriaki Izumi, and Takahira Yamaguchi
15:00h - 15:30h Coffee break
Ontology Applications
15:30h [PDF] [Slides] "An Ontology-Driven Application to Improve the Prescription of Educational Resources to Parents of Premature Infants"
Howard Goldberg, Alfredo Morales, David MacMillan, and Matthew Quinlan
Experiment Contributions
16:00h [PDF] [Slides] "Using XSLT for Interoperability: DOE and The Travelling Domain Experiment"
Raphael Troncy, Antoine Isaac, and Veronique Malaise
16:30h [Slides] Final Discussion and Wrap Up
York Sure and Oscar Corcho
19:00h - .. Conference reception
Additional Experiment Contributions
(Please note that the additional experiment results were discussed at the OntoWeb5 SIG3 meeting)
OntoWeb5 [PDF] [Slides] "SemTalk EON2003 Semantic Web Export / Import Interface Test"
Christian Fillies
OntoWeb5 [PDF] [Slides] [Ontologies] "Evaluation experiment of ontology tools' interoperability with the WebODE ontology engineering workbench"
Oscar Corcho, Asuncion Gomez-Perez, Danilo Jose Guerrero-Rodriguez, David Perez-Rey, Alberto Ruiz-Cristina, Teresa Sastre-Toral, M. Carmen Suarez-Figueroa
OntoWeb5 [ZIP] "Case Study: Using Protege to Convert the Travel Ontology to UML and OWL"
Holger Knublauch