AST 2009

Applications of Semantic Technologies

4th International AST Workshop
(1st workshop: AST 2006)
(2nd workshop: AST 2007)
(3rd workshop: AST 2008)


located at the Informatik 2009
October 2nd, 2009
Lübeck, Germany

Organised in cooperation with the Knowledge Representation Fachgruppe of the German Informatics Society (GI)
and the Semantic Technology Institute Germany, STI Germany.

Supported by NeOn, Theseus, SOA4All, X-Media, Graduate School IME and STI Germany.

Objectives Program Topics Organization Committee Invited Speaker Program Committee Submission Dates

Objectives Top

Semantic Web is a major international research effort with the goal to make web content available for intelligent knowledge processing. It draws on standard and novel techniques from various disciplines within Computer Science, including Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Internet Technology, Software Agents, eCommerce, etc. The methods and tools developed and integrated for this purpose – often called Semantic Technologies – are generic and have a very large application potential outside the domain of the Semantic Web.

Such applications are currently being investigated in various disciplines within Computer Science, including Ambient Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cognitive Systems, Corporate Intranets, Knowledge Management, Bioinformatics, etc. We believe that Semantic Technologies provide methods and tools which will persist in these and other application areas for the foreseeable future.

This event is supported by

NeOn Theseus SOA4All

Program Top

The workshop language is english.

09:00 - 09:20 Pascal Bihler, Holger Mügge, Mark Schmatz and Armin Cremers, Using Semantic UI Descriptions for Adaptive Mobile Games
09:20 - 09:40 Florian Schmedding, Content-Sensitive User Interfaces for Annotated Web Pages
09:40 - 10:00 Jörg Wurzer and Bela Mutschler, Bringing innovative Semantic Technology to Practice: The iQser Approach and its Use Cases
10:00 - 10:20 Thomas Daniel Ullmann, Victoria Uren and Andriy Nikolov, The SemSearchXplorer – Exploring Semantic Search Results with Semantic Visualizations
coffee break
11:00 - 12:30 Invited talk by Peter Mika, Yahoo! Research Barcelona: Year of the Monkey: Lessons from the first year of SearchMonkey
lunch break
14:00 - 14:20 Frank Kleiner, Andreas Abecker and Ning Liu, Automatic Population and Updating of a Semantic Wiki-based Configuration Management Database
14:20 - 14:40 Peter Wolf, Andreas Schmidt and Michael Klein, Applying Semantic Technologies for Context-Aware AAL Services: What we can learn from SOPRANO
14:40 - 15:00 Susanne Richter and Robert Tolksdorf, Planning Teams with Semantic Web Technologies
15:00 - 15:20 Grigori Babitski, Florian Probst, Joerg Hoffmann and Daniel Oberle Ontology Design for Information Integration in Disaster Management
coffee break
16:00 - 16:10 Andreas Abecker, STI Germany
16:10 - 16:30 Gabriele Weiler, Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter and Stephan Kiefer, A Static Analysis Technique to Detect Unsatisfiable Conditions in Ontology-based Workflows
16:30 - 16:50 Atila Kaya, Sofia Espinosa Peraldi and Ralf Möller, The BOEMIE Semantic Browser: A Semantic Application Exploiting Rich Semantic Metadata
16:50 - 17:10 Oleksandr Kolomiyets and Marie-Francine Moens, Machine Learning Approaches for Temporal Information Extraction: A comparative study
17:10 - 17:30 Deyan Ginev, Constantin Jucovschi, Stefan Anca, Mihai Grigore, Catalin David and Michael Kohlhase, An Architecture for Linguistic and Semantic Analysis on the arXMLiv Corpus

Topics of Interest Top

This workshop shall bring together researchers and practitioners who work on applications of Semantic Technologies. It shall further the cross-fertilization between application areas and aid the technology transfer from foundational research into practice. The workshop shall cover diverse application areas of Semantic Technologies, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Information Integration
  • Multimedia Data Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Service-Oriented Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • eScience
  • Information Extraction
  • Grid Computing
  • Peer-to-Peer Systems
  • eCommerce
  • eGovernment
  • Bioinformatics
  • Digital Libraries
  • Sensor Web
  • Semantic Web for Life Sciences
  • eHealth
  • Social Sciences
  • Mobile Computing
  • and any other application area of Semantic Technologies

Invited Speaker Top

Invited speaker: Dr. Peter Mika, Yahoo! Research

Workshop Organising Committee Top

Please contact Pascal Hitzler under hitzler [at] for all general questions concerning the workshop.

Program Committee Top

  • Sören Auer, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Franz Baader, TU Dresden, Germany
  • Bernhard Bauer, University of Augsburg, Germany
  • Christoph Beierle, University of Hagen, Germany
  • Stephan Bloehdorn, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  • François Bry, University of Munich, Germany
  • Johannes Busse, ontoprise GmbH, Germany
  • Elmar Dorner, SAP AG, Germany
  • Andreas Friesen, SAP AG, Germany
  • Thomas Fuhr, Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany
  • Gerhard Goos, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Jens Hartmann, encoway GmbH Bremen, Germany
  • Mark Hefke, FZI Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Wolfgang Hesse, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Knut Hinkelmann, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland
  • Gabriele Kern-Isberner, University of Dortmund, Germany
  • Harald Kosch, University of Passau, Germany
  • Daniel Krause, L3S Hannover, Germany
  • Holger Lausen, seekda GmbH, Austria
  • Thorsten Liebig, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Luc Moreau, University of Southampton, UK
  • Meenakshi Nagarajan, Wright State University Dayton Ohio, USA
  • Daniel Oberle, SAP AG, Germany
  • Ulrich Reimer, University of Applied Sciences, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Stefan Schlobach, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Germany
  • Michael Sintek, DFKI Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz, Germany
  • Robert Tolksdorf, FU Berlin, Germany
  • Valentin Zacharias, FZI Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Guo-Qiang Zhang, CWRU Cleveland Ohio, USA
  • Jürgen Ziegler, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Submission and Proceedings Top

Submissions must not exceed 15 pages (shorter papers are also welcome) and must comply with the requirements laid out under
Submissions shall be in english language - if you would prefer to submit a german paper please consult with the organisers first. Please submit your manuscript using the submission website. Please make sure you select the correct workshop - Applications of Semantic Technologies - when submitting the paper!

Submissions will be reviewed. Accepted publications will appear as part of a book, bearing an ISBN number.

Important Dates Top

  • Deadline for paper submissions: 26th of April, 2009
  • Notification of acceptance: 25th of May, 2009
  • Camera-ready versions: June 15th, 2008.
  • Workshop day: October 2nd, 2009