The IJCAI-09 Workshop on

Automated Reasoning about Context and Ontology Evolution


July 11-12, 2009
Pasadena, California, USA

held at the

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Workshop Notes can be downloaded here. Hard copies of the Notes will be provided to participants at the workshop.

Accepted Abstracts

Shifting Valence Helps Verify Contextual Appropriateness of Emotions
Michal Ptaszynski, Pawel Dybala, Wenhan Shi, Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki

Unite: A New Plan for Automated Ontology Evolution in Physics
Alan Bundy

AGM Revision in Description Logics
Marcio Ribeiro and Renata Wassermann

Atypicalities in Ontologies: Inferring New Facts from Topological Axioms
Christophe Jouis, Bassel Habib and Jie Liu

Context Discovery via Theory Interpretation
Oliver Kutz and Immanuel Normann

Contextualized OWL-DL KB for the Management of OWL-S Effects
Domenico Redavid, Ignazio Palmisano and Luigi Iannone

An Architecture of GALILEO: A System for Automated Ontology Evolution in Physics
Michael Chan and Alan Bundy

Modeling the External Quality of Context to Fine-tune Context Reasoning in Geo-spatial Interoperability
Tarek Sboui, Yvan Bedard, Jean Brodeur and Thierry Badard

A Case Study of Ontology Evolution in Atomic Physics as the Basis of the Open Structure Ontology Repair Plan
Jos Lehmann

Forgetting for Knowledge Bases in DL-Lite_{bool}
Zhe Wang, Kewen Wang and Rodney Topor

Inconsistent-Tolerant DL-Lite Reasoning: An Argumentative Approach
Martin Moguillansky and Renata Wassermann

A Conflict-based Operator for Mapping Revision
Guilin Qi, Qiu Ji and Peter Haase

First Steps in EL Contraction
Richard Booth, Thomas Meyer and Ivan Varzinczak

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