Michael Färber and Achim Rettinger
Finding Novel Facts in Unstructured Text

Abstract: Users often have a clearly defined information need like monitoring natural-language texts for novel statements about certain entities. However, common keyword-based search technologies are focused on finding relevant documents and cannot judge the novelty of statements contained in the text.
In this work, we propose a new approach where statements that are both novel and relevant are retrieved from natural-language texts. Novelty detection is triggered by end user queries, while relevance is ensured by the compatibility of facts with a background knowledge base representing the user's domain of interest. An evaluation performed on English Wikipedia texts, DBpedia as background knowledge, and our new publicly available gold standard demonstrates the challenges addressed by and the effectiveness of our approach.


  • Knowledge Base
  • Document corpus
  • Queries


Evaluation results (incl. gold standard):


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(c) 2015 Michael Färber, Institute AIFB, KIT