Boris Motik


Jens Hartmann


Sudhir Agarwal


Team SEMANTIC: A Semantic Web Odyssey

Our Idea

  • In many organizations experienced employees often do not have time, energy or interest to induct new employees in the organizational processes. Therefore, there is urgent need for knowledge management tools.
  • Good knowledge management tools require structured data. However,
    • Current user interfaces for querying structured information are boring. As a result, people use the tool only when the need some information urgently. Learning by playing effect does not exist.
    • Query languages are too technical and hard to use for many people.
    • The format of results is difficult to understand.


  • Build a tool that is based on structured information and that
  • understands natural language queries
  • presents answers again in natural language
  • is fun to play with
  • uses multimedia contents to make it more interesting but also informative.

presentation slides contain more information