Johanna Völker


Nenad Stojanovic


Peter Haase


Max Völkel

Team ONE

Integration of Three Semantic Tools:
Bibster (bibliographic meta data with p2p),
TextToOnto (ontology learning) and the
Librarian Agent (query refinement)

Our Idea

  • Bibliographic data is semi-structured:
    • Structured metadata
    • Unstructured full text
  • Need for better browsing
  • Need for better querying 
  • Need for integrated approach
    • Integrated retrieval
    • Integrated view on data

Our Goal

  • Ontology-based browsing with a custom-learned ontology
  • Personalized ontology-driven query refinement
  • Efficient, integrated management of metadata and full texts

Our Architecture

More Information

... inside our presentation (PDF)

... inside the paper we submitted to the BTW Workshop "WebDB Meets IR" (PDF)